Welding & Machining Services

Through the acquisition of the company ADVANCED MACHINING TECHNOLOGY AS (AMT), a new service is available through the ADVANTEC group. AMT offers experienced structural prefabrication, with welding and machining services, and are specializing in cladding and machining of subsea components.

The AMT Stord facility focuses on the ‘High End’ welding and machining market, for subsea hubs, tools and components, with high quality requirements, and extreme focus on procedures, qualification and fabrication processes. Special competence is established to review and select welding processes and materials, heat treatment processes and machining technology.

Machining experience includes materials such as Inconel, Monel, 6MO, Super Duplex and similar ‘noble’ alloys.

A specialist area for AMT is the onsite machining facility, whereby machining tasks can be performed onsite, onshore or offshore. Experience is gained

AMT Lithuania is a subsidiary located in Klapedia, Lithuania, which offers excellent fabrication facilities at competitive prices of structural and mechanical construction work, with access to a port, allowing shipping by sea to assembly sites. The facility is licated within the Klapedia ‘Free Zone’.