Successful completion of subsea pipeline pre-commissioning

03. 01. 14

ADVANTEC’s RF125 Reeler operating offshore Brazil
for Petrobras, on a Saipem vessel.

Impressive dimensions and forces are involved in
operation of a 3” Downline to 2500m water depth. 

Saipem has successfully completed a second pipeline pre-commissioning campaign in Brazil for Petrobras, using a TCP Downline from Dutch company Airborne, and a 125 ton electro hydraulic powered Reel supplied by ADVANTEC. The Downline which is spooled onto the reel has been deployed more than 30 times to 2140 meter water depth, and has seen accumulated service of more than 175 days in fully deployed mode.

ADVANTEC has designed and delivered a new technology product for use in the global oil & gas industry. The sophisticated reeler which has been supplied to Airborne in IJmuiden, the Netherlands, has been a very important factor in the successful operations of deepwater pipeline precommissioning in Brazil.
With this operation completed, ADVANTEC and Airborne have established themselves as leaders in composite pipe and deployment systems for deep water application and are building a track record of proven performance. On this project Airborne’s composite pipe achieved the world depth record for a composite pipe.

In October 2011, Saipem awarded Airborne with the contract to supply a composite downline with an ADVANTEC reeler system. Saipem required a 3 inch ID spoolable pipe that combined a smooth bore with high internal and external pressure strength, as well as the tension capability to be deployed in deepwater in free-hanging mode, off the side of a vessel. Airborne’s Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) did fit that bill and supplied the system in November 2012. To meet this challenge, ADVANTEC was awarded the contract to design and built a new reeler, which is powered from an integrated, self contained Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and integrated this with an electronic control system with Joystick operations. The reeler has impressive dimensions, and carries a significant payload, but has proven to operate extremely reliably, with smooth and predictable controls and performance.

‘We are very satisfied with the performance of the ADVANTEC reeler’, says Martin van Onna, Chief Commercial Officer of Airborne, and adds that the combination of Airborne and ADVANTEC solutions has set a new standard in downline subsea operations. ‘The successful operation of our mega size Reel to such a demanding project is important in building confidence in our technology projects’ says Magnar Aaland, CEO of ADVANTEC, and adds, ‘by continuing our relationship with Airborne, we will provide reliable solutions to the global oil & gas market.’

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