Anniversaries and Celebrations

02. 12. 14

CEO Magnar Aaland hosted the ceremony and presented gifts and flowers. 

 Sveinung Mjønes was honored with the Society Medal in silver for 30 years long and faithful service. Sveinung  began his career in Aker Elektro 06.01.1984, and was among the 19 who started Advantec in 2005.

 The medal is in itself a small work of art in silver, and it represents a long tradition of solid values ​​and a lasting  testament to the recipients effort and importance.












 60 ÅR

 Kristoffer Gloppen had his birthday 5th of January.


 Harry Kaare Kvamsdal was not present at the ceremony, but he celebrated his 60 years June 16th. 












 50 ÅR

 Eva Østrem 01.11.2014 and Kristian Lunde jr. 06.05.2014

 These also have 50 years of age during 2014 , but was not present:

 Per Ivar Halvorsen 21.January

 Ole Harald Hope 26. June

 Wladyslaw Sobolewski 7. June

 Mariusz Slawomir Urbanski 17. June

Helge Halderaker - Advantec Houston - was 50 years 14. of Mai, and were honored in Houston by CEO in may this year.









In the periode from December 2013 up until December 2014 these have completed their apprenticeship with a craft certificate:

Torfinn Barsnes - automation, Mathias Solheim - automation, Alexander Mettala Zaneski - automation, Petter Johannessen - automation, Kim Jøran Wilhelmsen - industrial mechanic, Simon Verneland - industrial mechanic, Ken Rune Mortensen - industrial mechanic, Svein Magne Gloppen - industrial mechanic and Christian Larsen - industrial mechanic.


Not present:

Oscar Digernes Særsten - CNC Machinworker, Ola Van Der Hagen - CNC Machinworker, Audun Møgster - automation og Henrik Junge - electrician.