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ADVANTEC is located at 6 different sites in Norway, and have offices in 4 international cities. 



Advantec Stord, Norway

ADVANTEC offers multi discipline engineering competence, fabrication and assembly specialities, and supports the operations and services of the Advantec Group in the global oil & gas market.ADVANTEC AS is the parent company of all the different department offices and subsidiaries of the Advantec Group. It also houses the corporate headquarter.

The facility at Stord consists of modern offices, workshops and storage facilities for design and engineering projects, fabrication and assembly, and integration testing of completed systems.

The activities include coordination of the Rental Tool Pool of many different types of equipment and systems, from advanced WOCS systems, to rental test instruments and test containers. The Stord facility also includes a well-equipped calibration laboratory for re-calibration of own and 3rd party equipment.

The facility at Eldøyane includes an outdoor test pit with dimensions 25x25x25m and an indoor test pit of 6x6x6m.




Advantec Stavanger, Norway

Advantec’s Stavanger Department offers engineering, assembly, service and maintenance to the market in Norway’s oil capital, and is located in the Dusavik Base, just north of Stavanger.

The new team of engineers and technicians are supported by Advantec’s head-office at Stord, and can take on small or large projects that require specialist competence and resources associated within Advantec’s total offering.

The Stavanger dept. specializes in aftermarket support, engineering and specialist turnkey projects such as installation of Wireless Wellhead Transmitters, Hydraulics upgrading and services, Electrical and Process Control and Instrumentation modification projects. A speciality has become instrumentation of Topside and Subsea Xmas Trees. Offshore technicians and engineers are available for long- or short term projects.






Advantec Hammerfest, Norway

Advantec Hammerfest was established in 2013, and moves into brand new and modern facilities at Lervigshøyden, just outside the Polar Base in the Arctic offshore hub of Hammerfest, Norway. This facility offers specialists service, maintenance and operational support to the strong Barents Sea market segment.

The Hammerfest unit offers rental equipment, calibration and re-certification equipment and services, for the oil & gas industry. Engineering support is offered in conjunction with Advantec’s head-office at Stord, and will be grown locally to meet market demands.

Facilities are available for sublets, both for engineering and administrative facilities, as well as workshop and storage areas.




Advantec, Ågotnes, Norway

Advantec Ågotnes is located at Ågotnes, the main Subsea engineering & service base in Norway, on the island of Sotra, west of Bergen, in close proximity to the Coast Center Base (CCB), and was acquired by ADVANTEC in 2013.

We are a key supplier of hydraulics services to the oil & gas industry. The company offers engineering and fabrication of hydraulic power units (HPU), and offers rental systems for testing and service of specialist hydraulic systems.

The department also designs and performs service & maintenance of umbilical reel systems for BOP preventers and other subsea equipment. We provides hydraulic systems for davit systems to lifeboats for the international shipping market.

The experienced and service minded team of engineers and technicians have particular skills and competence towards the subsea market, within service, maintenance and testing of systems and components. The department also has a very well equipped Parker Store.


  • Test pit for under water pressure testing of Umbilicals
  • Overhead crane: 16 tons, 6 m height
  • Bunker (test cell) for safe pressure testing to >60,000 psi
  • Indoor facilities for umbilical washing, inspection & cleaning




Advantec Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

The employees of Advantec Aberdeen comprises highly competent individuals and teams with considerable experience in IWOCS, Xmas Trees, Risers and other high integrity Subsea equipment.Advantec Aberdeen Ltd was established in 2012, when a team of experienced managers joined forces with ADVANTEC, and established a new and highly qualified technology and service unit in Europe’s oil capital. The company is located in the 180 acre Kirkwood Commercial Park, Inverurie, some 20 minutes north west of Aberdeen’s International Airport. This location offers a number of quality facilities which can be utilized on a project by project basis. The location includes offices, workshops for assembly and testing, indoor and outdoor storage facilities, and also offers facilities for SIT testing of subsea X-mas Trees and running tools.

Advantec Aberdeen offers the entire package of technology products of the Advantec group, including IWOCS systems for sale or hire, operational support, aftermarket support, service and maintenance. The Aberdeen team is also engaged by a number of blue chip customers for assembly, testing, service and maintenance of various subsea equipment and components at the Inverurie plant.


  • 1,150 m2 workshop
  • 2,250m2 Tarred Area with fluid catchment
  • 8 Dedicated work bays
  • Twin 40 Te overhead cranes with 6.7m under hook height
  • 50Te single lift
  • The unit is supported by a 16 Tonne and 10 Tonne forklifts
  • 2 purpose built 6m x 6m high impact Test Cells
  • Clean room on site




Advantec Houston, Texas, USA

Advantec has been present in Houston since 2008. Advantec Houston offers the entire package of technology products of the Advantec group, including IWOCS systems for sale og hire, operational support, aftermarket support, service and maintenance.




Advantec Lietuva, Klaipėda, Lithuania

UAB Advantec Lietuva was established in 2013 and is a fully owned subsidiary of Advantec. Advantec LT renders services within welding and sheet metal work, in addition to surface treatment and engineering to a wide range of industries.

Advantec LT is located in new and modern facilities in the free economic zone in Klaipeda, Lithuania, close to the northernmost ice free harbor in the Baltic Sea.




Advantec Rio de Janeiro, Brazil